Monday, April 20, 2009


WE MADE IT !~! After a VERY LONG EVENTFUL travel to utah we made it !~!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well let the COUNT DOWN START !~ In 5 days we will be pulling out !! Still have some little stuff to pack , but HAPPILY done with packing .~~! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter !~

Thursday, April 9, 2009


PACKING PACKING !~! Thats all I have to say , I do not like PACKING !~~! Well next Friday the 17th we will be pulling out headed to UTAH!~! GRANTED Im not ready and I feel like I just had all this BOXED up ... LOL!~! Any body wanna come pack for me ?????

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well all I can say is SOME THINGS CHANGE , Jimmy and I moved to Texas 7 mths ago hoping things would work out for the two of us. However we have recently decided to take a job offer in Vernal Utah and move back !~ This place is wonderful and we will miss the wonderful people we have meet , worked with and become great friends with . We will miss the early morning baby's, the wonderful country and the great weather , we have GROWN a lot from this and LEARNED so much from the experience . SO here I go PACKING again , my parents had tickets already to fly in this last weekend , GRANTED three weeks ago they had NO IDEA it was to help PACK ... LOL . SO Sunday we packed me up !~! Granted I have a lot still but THANK GOODNESS they were here to help !~ Thanks MOM and DAD !~!Big Jim also got to come visit this weekend Just for a night but I was happy to see he got to see the place before we moved. We owe him a HUGE thank you , he brought his horses down to Elgine Vet clinic and left his TRUCK and TRAILER for us to Pack up and drive home , THANKS SO MUCH !~! SO then today we bought a pickup, are job in Vernal is supplying us with a Truck but we decided you just shouldn't own horses without a truck and trailer of your own , so we bought an older used truck to leave on the trailer ! ALL this is happening quickly , yet I am happy we will be closer to friends and family . Things happen for a reason and we are truly blessed for having options!~!