Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm so happy to be home , I love seeing my family and friends . And the snow has made me excited for CHRISTMAS ... We had a horribly busy week last week and are both happy its settled down. My mom flew down and we headed of the next day to Aubrey Texas , to the Ed Wright clinic , with Diesel . I am so HAPPY to say Diesel has passed the Ed Wright inspection and he was such a super boy . I'm THRILLED hes turning out to be a horse I have grown to love and enjoy . While visiting my poor mother slipped in my kitchen from stepping in the dog bowl she is BLACK and BLUE from hips down . Which put her in the hospital for a day and a half . SO MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM , that's what my sister and I gave her for Christmas was a ticket down here. Shes feeling better with everyday , I wish I was as TUFF as her . After a few days of nursing mom to health we knew she could take the flight back home with us .. We had a fun exciting fl eight and I was happy to land in one piece to say the least . FINALLY we were home . I have been waiting for this the day my mom and dad and brother dropped us off in Texas . Jimmy drove Padgett Racing team this Saturday , they won ,So I'm SURE this will make him miss chariots JUST a Lil more. I hope I see everyone while I'm here and IF I MISS YOU, I'm sorry and HAPPY HOLIDAYS .

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We have a BIG weekend a head of us !~ My mom flew in today, I was so HAPPY to see her, and it will be so nice to have her here. Then Friday we will be headed to the TOP of Texas , to the ED WRIGHT clinic. We wanna WISH Jim and Louise and gang GOOD LUCK at PLAY DAY !~! And good luck to all are CHARIOT FRIENDS who have started and is starting this weekend !~! Its gonna be a diffrent lifestyle without it ... I hope everyone has Sound horses and safe TRIPS ... Then on the 13th its my FATHERS BIRTHDAY ... My father deserves a GREAT day for his BIRTHDAY Then we will be getting the place ready to leave NEXT FRIDAY to come home for a week for the HOLIDAYS ... The break is very much needed , and I cant wait to see my FAMILY AND FRIENDS ... Hopefully I will update between now and then but if I dont you know its due to the BUSY WEEK....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Jimmy turned 31 TODAY !~! Just wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY , and I hope he had a wonderful DAY !~He's a WONDRFUL husband and deserves a GREAT BIRTHDAY !~