Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm so happy to be home , I love seeing my family and friends . And the snow has made me excited for CHRISTMAS ... We had a horribly busy week last week and are both happy its settled down. My mom flew down and we headed of the next day to Aubrey Texas , to the Ed Wright clinic , with Diesel . I am so HAPPY to say Diesel has passed the Ed Wright inspection and he was such a super boy . I'm THRILLED hes turning out to be a horse I have grown to love and enjoy . While visiting my poor mother slipped in my kitchen from stepping in the dog bowl she is BLACK and BLUE from hips down . Which put her in the hospital for a day and a half . SO MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM , that's what my sister and I gave her for Christmas was a ticket down here. Shes feeling better with everyday , I wish I was as TUFF as her . After a few days of nursing mom to health we knew she could take the flight back home with us .. We had a fun exciting fl eight and I was happy to land in one piece to say the least . FINALLY we were home . I have been waiting for this the day my mom and dad and brother dropped us off in Texas . Jimmy drove Padgett Racing team this Saturday , they won ,So I'm SURE this will make him miss chariots JUST a Lil more. I hope I see everyone while I'm here and IF I MISS YOU, I'm sorry and HAPPY HOLIDAYS .

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We have a BIG weekend a head of us !~ My mom flew in today, I was so HAPPY to see her, and it will be so nice to have her here. Then Friday we will be headed to the TOP of Texas , to the ED WRIGHT clinic. We wanna WISH Jim and Louise and gang GOOD LUCK at PLAY DAY !~! And good luck to all are CHARIOT FRIENDS who have started and is starting this weekend !~! Its gonna be a diffrent lifestyle without it ... I hope everyone has Sound horses and safe TRIPS ... Then on the 13th its my FATHERS BIRTHDAY ... My father deserves a GREAT day for his BIRTHDAY Then we will be getting the place ready to leave NEXT FRIDAY to come home for a week for the HOLIDAYS ... The break is very much needed , and I cant wait to see my FAMILY AND FRIENDS ... Hopefully I will update between now and then but if I dont you know its due to the BUSY WEEK....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Jimmy turned 31 TODAY !~! Just wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY , and I hope he had a wonderful DAY !~He's a WONDRFUL husband and deserves a GREAT BIRTHDAY !~

Sunday, November 30, 2008


A LOT HAS HAPPENED since my last post, Louise and Jim came to see us , it was SO nice to see them wish they would have stayed a little longer . We went to the Alamo and River walk and toured TEXAS .. LOL ... I also went to a barrel race . IM SO PROUD of Diesel .. He was a GREAT boy and did so well Im so thrilled to have him here with me, I cant believe it was the same horse I ran at Salina . I also got my Mr . Fearless Fame here, hes the best boy I could ever want I love him so much already , he better make a good barrel horse cause hes TOUCHED my heart .. Thanks to Cody Hyde hes a Barrel Turning FOOL ...HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone, boy was that hard to not be with the family, we missed EVERYONE so bad and we just tried to stay positive, and THANKFUL for all that we are blessed with. I will be attending a Ed Wright Clinic this month with Diesel, my mom will be flying down to come watch and Im happy Jimmy will be able to attend this one with me . Jimmy will be leaving to go to New Mexico this week . It will be weird to be here a lone, but I may have some free time for my Christmas tree.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Well heres Jimmys Buck !~ He's pretty excited about his BUCK !~ Were having it MOUNTED and all ... LOl ...

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yeller Feather is the palamino filly ... We have been saddleing her daily and hae been on her back twice now ... For a YEARLING shes doing GREAT !~ The Brown mare is Barbra Kitchens old mare QUINT GLORY and her new 08 baby Shakem Quint ~ The random tree photos are from the town LA GRANGE . These old trees mean a lot to everyone down here and they actually build houses and ROADS around them ... Very cool ...

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Heres some mares that Im breaking , There both two years of age. One is a Fishers Dash by a Special Effort Mare , and one is a Regal Choice out of a Strawfly Special Mare ... There both coming a long pretty well ..

Im also working with a yearling which Jimmy calls Yellow feather lol , shes a Yeller Fuel out of a Pie in the sky mare , yet shes only one.

Friday, November 7, 2008


HOME FOR CHRISTMAS ..... ITS OFFICIAL .... Im so excited , I cant even explain it !~!Just bought the tickets now .... Well be home a full week .... NOT LONG ENOUGH !~!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Jimmy FIRST WILD HOG !~! Ugly thing isnt it !~! I was happy for him but sad that she was a SHE !~~ ANYONE else want to come hunt one !~!Come on down ....

Monday, November 3, 2008


Just got in from Colorado .... learned a ton , I have some very interesting photos .....BUT ill keep this BLOG PG ... or PG 13 even ... LOL .... I have officially learned to AI mares , and Collect Stallions and test them ... The CSU Course is very intense and REAL hands on .... I thought I would hate all this but the Science with Equine Breeding is very interesting ... Hope all is well with everyone ....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well were off to COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY (GO RAMS) til next Monday night for a reproductive class !~!I'm excited a lil nervous, and happy to be going since we gotta deliver 84 baby's next SPRING ... So I will update when we get back hope all is well with everyone and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!~

Sunday, October 26, 2008


JUST A FEW PHOTOS !~! This lil guy is MY FAVORITE baby in the whole barn .Hes a PYC paint your wagon X Diane to getcha .. He SCREAMS barrels, hes a sweet heart .... AND this mare is my favorite RECIP mare, lol just something with me and DRAFTS !~ You gotta love them .... Shes carrying a Tres Seis X First Down Energy. There's SO MANY babys that I like or are amazing horses but this little guy has stole my heart ....

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Just was taking some photos today .... Were breaking the weanlings to the walker ... They have all done really well ... I want to start taking more photos of them to share with you guys ... Here's Just a few .. And heres the BOYS , BETO , BEANO , FRANKO , no thats not there names just what we call them ... THERE great workers and make are lives so much easier !~!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well today was a long , but very easy day, We started off by moving Nancys horse to sealy , and driving home and getting ready for Dallas . We had planned to go watch Big Jim's horse in Dallas, as we started heading out Beto (the mexi) called and needed fuel so we had to turn around and Jimmy decieded after that we better stay near since nobody else was around ... SO after we took care of the rest of stuff at the Farm we went to Dinner at Red Lobster and shoped at Bass Pro Shop .... It was a EASY DAY .... I also wanted to post some pictures of the SUNSETS here .... THERE AMAZING ... REDS and PURPLES and ORANGES, YELLOWS and BLUES !~!

Friday, October 17, 2008


8 Things
8 TV shows that i LOVE!1.THE HILLS 2. GREYS 3. Rock of Love (now ROL Charm School) 4. Desperate House Wives 5.MY NEW BFF, 6.Dirty Jobs 7. MTV anything on it ... 8. Redneck Wedding
8 restaurants i feast at 1. The Baja 2. Texas road House 3. GOLDEN CHICK 4.SALT GRASS 5. Don Pedro 6. LAS CRUCES 7. LOS COBOS 8. FRANKS DINNER
8 things that happened today 1. Helped NANCY move her horse to Sealy 2. Cleaned Kitchen 3. Gave horses medications 4. Showered 5. ATE at Red Lobster 6. went to BASS PRO SHOP 7 Went to WALMART 8. Started to drive to Dallas but had to turn around :(
8 things on my wish list 1. See everyone for Christmas 2. GET A DASH TA FAME 3. WIN LOTTERY 4. Be competitive AGAIN in barrel racing . 5. GET FIT 6. Learn to drive in Texas without getting LOST 7. GET Family and Friends to visit .... 8. DASH TA FAME DASH TA FAME ......... LOL .....(that's a wonderful horse blood line for all my NONE horsey friends. )

Monday, October 6, 2008


Just thought Id share some photos of the PETS !~! There all settled in well and enjoy the warm weather ESPECIALLY Mizzy , LOL she hates the AC on !~! Thor has found are newest addition to the family and chases him around the trees ..His name is Arnie the Armadillo . There the CUTEST , weird creatures I have ever saw !~! Gracie is a MONSTER here and shes MISS PROTECTOR ! Diesel is coming a long great gaining weight by the hour , and is working nice ~! Harley has adjusted very well and were STILL trying to slim him down!~

Friday, October 3, 2008


Husband Tag!!!
1. Where did you meet? BLIND DATE
2. How long did you date before you got married? 8 MTHS
3. How long have you been married? ALMOST 4 years .
4.What is your favorite feature of your husband? LOTS of things , mostly his eyes and funny personality .
5. What is your favorite quality of him? I love his knowlege of horses and he always takes care of me, he has never once tried to change me for the person I am and that means a lot to me .
6. Does he have a nickname for you? VELVET , BISCUIT
7. What is his favorite color? RED
8. What is his favorite food? Steak and potatoe salade, his moms cheese cake
9. What is his favorite sport? Football
10. Where was your first kiss? Um my house
11. Favorite thing to do as a couple?WE BOTH LOVE HORSES , we try to plan every day around a horse full filled day .
12. Do you have children? DOGS AND HORSES
11. Does he have a hidden Talent? He can cook , which is good since i dont :)
14. How old is he? 30
15. Who said I love you first? He did !
.16. Favorite music? Old old country, Chris Daughtery , Cher , LOL..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just thought we would post some pictures and SAY HELLO !~! We are doing well in Texas , Wiemar has started to grow on us , and we are feeling more comfortable day by day . I love working with the horses and admire there strong will to be a race horse already to watch a baby run through the pasture is breath taking experience cause you already see the talent they have . I am blessed to be around VERY well breed animals , From Finding Nemos little sister to Tellers Cartels lil brother , From the great mares Shahayla to Jump Jive N Wail . I never thought in a million years id be working with baby's out of First Down Dash and Corna Cartel . I have to get some pictures of the baby's they will make you smile . My dad said I would fall in love with the cute lil buggers and then they would bite me when I least expect it, WELL i have been bit now at least a dozen times and the lil colts are just coming into themselves I'm sure I will start being bit daily ... I can honestly say this will be a life changing experience. I miss my family and friends like CRAZY ... And I miss the NORMAL day to day thing's from Coalville, this is all the un known and EVERYDAY is different . Big Jim came to see us yesterday, I'm so happy he made it ! I hope you all make it down here , the weather is PERFECT right now and LOW HUMIDITY . Hope you like the photos more to come . Miss you all . Chablee

JIMMY : Hello everyone!! We are alive and well in big ole TEXAS. Everything here is so much different than back home its takes a little getting used to, the people are very nice though much more polite than in UTAH. So far so good on the job front its a 7 day a week constant deal. I miss everyone from home, my dad was here yesterday for a couple hours we wish he could have stayed longer but it was awesome that he was here, we really enjoyed it.... Hope all is well for everyone talk to ya later!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay!~ heres some photos .........

Thursday, September 18, 2008


PS : Ill post Pictures SOON !~!~


Well we made it safe and sound . Horses Dogs and all, The place is very nice and the horses are even nicer. I find myself having no time at all for the computer, yet GRANTED it wouldn't work anyhow since are Internet isn't up yet!~ So those of you who are concerned (HINT CHELSEY) LOL!~ I am alive and well !~! LOL . I miss you all like crazy!~!~ I am as we speak in Oklahoma City to the heritage sale so all my lil barrel girls YOU CALL me for a prospect and JUDD KEARL will buy it !~!~ Hope all is well in Utah!~ Love your guts, hope to see ya soon !~! Come see me:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Less than one week left here, Jimmy flys in Friday afternoon and we will be pulling out (most likley) Monday early morning . The house is basically packed, and everything still is running smooth. I hope I find time to say GOOD BYE to everyone one, if i miss saying it to anybody SORRY!~and GOODBYE:( Thanks to all my pals for helping me and my mom and Camille they have been busting there BOOTY to help, I HATE ASKING for help and they know this so they just come anyway !~ THANKS .

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

~!New House!~ Best Friends ~!

So with everything going on, Chelsey Danica and Misty and I went to dinner at Taggarts, I'm going to miss are lil POW WOWS and miss seeing these guys and all there babies, with Mindi just having her second and Chelsey with two and Danica having one and Misty at 6mths along they have all turned into the cutest mothers in Coalville . I admire Danica's strength for the reason being she was having contractions THE WHOLE time during dinner, and thought they were not the real ones, (I'm so new to all this) SCARED me to DEATH . !~ As we dropped me off in Henefer Chelsey KNEW she needed to go to the hospital!~ Needless to say Danica gave birth to her lil one this am. I wont steal her thunder and Ill let her post the great news and details.!` Last night as we were chatting my husband in Texas sent me a few photos of the home in Texas, I'M THRILLED !~ It looks so nice and new and clean . Cant wait to go decorate !~ Thanks to my girls for a VERY fun night and I cant wait to tell Danica's lil one the story !~!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well just giving everyone a update !~! MY HOUSE is rented !~! YAHOO what a relief that has been, first person to come look!~ Jimmy has been in Texas for 3 days today, and everything is going great for him. His first official day is today and I wish him all the Luck !~

Friday, August 22, 2008


Here's my new pony Diesel, Poor bugger hasn't had the best of care but he's helped me realize how IMPORTANT the day by day care is and how it can really effect a horse. It sickens me to think that there is horses out there without this . With the push and help from Big Jim , Diesel has came into my life !~ My goal for this month with him is to help him regain the trust for humans and get him all better . I ran him at the XBA last weekend and granted we DID not have pretty patterns and have a lot to work on, but we can home with $500.00 cowboy boots and two runs under us !~ This was a hard barrel race for me to go to with out Fame . Fame was a MONSTER in that pen and loved every chance he got to run there, the new guy helped me stay busy and keep my mind of things. Thanks to South Valley and his 40 min dental work he has started eating like a champ . Lets hope he gains weight by the minute . The top pictures are the day we got him and ill post pictures as he progresses.