Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just thought we would post some pictures and SAY HELLO !~! We are doing well in Texas , Wiemar has started to grow on us , and we are feeling more comfortable day by day . I love working with the horses and admire there strong will to be a race horse already to watch a baby run through the pasture is breath taking experience cause you already see the talent they have . I am blessed to be around VERY well breed animals , From Finding Nemos little sister to Tellers Cartels lil brother , From the great mares Shahayla to Jump Jive N Wail . I never thought in a million years id be working with baby's out of First Down Dash and Corna Cartel . I have to get some pictures of the baby's they will make you smile . My dad said I would fall in love with the cute lil buggers and then they would bite me when I least expect it, WELL i have been bit now at least a dozen times and the lil colts are just coming into themselves I'm sure I will start being bit daily ... I can honestly say this will be a life changing experience. I miss my family and friends like CRAZY ... And I miss the NORMAL day to day thing's from Coalville, this is all the un known and EVERYDAY is different . Big Jim came to see us yesterday, I'm so happy he made it ! I hope you all make it down here , the weather is PERFECT right now and LOW HUMIDITY . Hope you like the photos more to come . Miss you all . Chablee

JIMMY : Hello everyone!! We are alive and well in big ole TEXAS. Everything here is so much different than back home its takes a little getting used to, the people are very nice though much more polite than in UTAH. So far so good on the job front its a 7 day a week constant deal. I miss everyone from home, my dad was here yesterday for a couple hours we wish he could have stayed longer but it was awesome that he was here, we really enjoyed it.... Hope all is well for everyone talk to ya later!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay!~ heres some photos .........

Thursday, September 18, 2008


PS : Ill post Pictures SOON !~!~


Well we made it safe and sound . Horses Dogs and all, The place is very nice and the horses are even nicer. I find myself having no time at all for the computer, yet GRANTED it wouldn't work anyhow since are Internet isn't up yet!~ So those of you who are concerned (HINT CHELSEY) LOL!~ I am alive and well !~! LOL . I miss you all like crazy!~!~ I am as we speak in Oklahoma City to the heritage sale so all my lil barrel girls YOU CALL me for a prospect and JUDD KEARL will buy it !~!~ Hope all is well in Utah!~ Love your guts, hope to see ya soon !~! Come see me:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Less than one week left here, Jimmy flys in Friday afternoon and we will be pulling out (most likley) Monday early morning . The house is basically packed, and everything still is running smooth. I hope I find time to say GOOD BYE to everyone one, if i miss saying it to anybody SORRY!~and GOODBYE:( Thanks to all my pals for helping me and my mom and Camille they have been busting there BOOTY to help, I HATE ASKING for help and they know this so they just come anyway !~ THANKS .