Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OK so I'm horrible at this however its my new goal to keep on this for all my friends who call me a slacker !~! We are officially back home ! Good old Henefer Utah !~Jimmy is back building power lines and I'm back doing Physical Therapy Aiding !~ WE are very happy to be back with are family and friends and do miss the friends we made a long the way ! I'm barrel racing still and I have four of the most enjoyable horses I could ever own !~ I still have Harley, and we made POPCORN a official padgett this year , I still own Blue Duck and Blades !~ We are up to four dogs now with the new addition Brutus !~! We still have Motor Boat and Nifty is at Henefer as well !~ I promise I will try harder and stay tuned for new updates !~!