Wednesday, August 27, 2008

~!New House!~ Best Friends ~!

So with everything going on, Chelsey Danica and Misty and I went to dinner at Taggarts, I'm going to miss are lil POW WOWS and miss seeing these guys and all there babies, with Mindi just having her second and Chelsey with two and Danica having one and Misty at 6mths along they have all turned into the cutest mothers in Coalville . I admire Danica's strength for the reason being she was having contractions THE WHOLE time during dinner, and thought they were not the real ones, (I'm so new to all this) SCARED me to DEATH . !~ As we dropped me off in Henefer Chelsey KNEW she needed to go to the hospital!~ Needless to say Danica gave birth to her lil one this am. I wont steal her thunder and Ill let her post the great news and details.!` Last night as we were chatting my husband in Texas sent me a few photos of the home in Texas, I'M THRILLED !~ It looks so nice and new and clean . Cant wait to go decorate !~ Thanks to my girls for a VERY fun night and I cant wait to tell Danica's lil one the story !~!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well just giving everyone a update !~! MY HOUSE is rented !~! YAHOO what a relief that has been, first person to come look!~ Jimmy has been in Texas for 3 days today, and everything is going great for him. His first official day is today and I wish him all the Luck !~

Friday, August 22, 2008


Here's my new pony Diesel, Poor bugger hasn't had the best of care but he's helped me realize how IMPORTANT the day by day care is and how it can really effect a horse. It sickens me to think that there is horses out there without this . With the push and help from Big Jim , Diesel has came into my life !~ My goal for this month with him is to help him regain the trust for humans and get him all better . I ran him at the XBA last weekend and granted we DID not have pretty patterns and have a lot to work on, but we can home with $500.00 cowboy boots and two runs under us !~ This was a hard barrel race for me to go to with out Fame . Fame was a MONSTER in that pen and loved every chance he got to run there, the new guy helped me stay busy and keep my mind of things. Thanks to South Valley and his 40 min dental work he has started eating like a champ . Lets hope he gains weight by the minute . The top pictures are the day we got him and ill post pictures as he progresses.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Four more days and Jimmy will be flying out to TEXAS . He leaves Sunday morning and I feel like we have nothing ready !~! I put the house up for rent on KSL and started to make flyer's, I fear for what the next two weeks well be like, but I'm sure it will fly by so fast I wont even have to really worry . I hope to find a nice person or couple to rent the house, start getting packed, clean up my BURNT yard,finish my 2 week notice up, get horses and dogs packed, and get all the quirks of MOVING worked out !~ ANY ADVICE!~!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Well it looks like my crazy life has just got more crazy, I have been offered the ranch manager job at Bielau Oaks Ranch and after many interviews and negotiations me and Chablee have decided to give it a try. It is a big step from Coalville,UT to Weimar,TX but one we are looking forward to doing. I hope you all will stay in touch and hopefully get a chance to come visit us down in texas...............................


SO............. Jimmy has received a great job offer, one of those ones you just have to try , we will be moving to TEXAS!~! This as happened all so QUICKLY!~! He will be leaving this weekend, and I will following in a few weeks . This is all so new and a huge RUSH, but I'm being supportive and looking forward to a different lifestyle. I will MISS the one I have now since I'm completely comfortable here .

Here's a photo of the ranch we will be moving to!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This last month has been so busy , I find myself just planning month by month instead of day by day . In the last month I lost my great horse Seekin Fame N Fourtune . This has been the hardest thing to face, with Fame and I just coming together to make a great team it has broke my heart . A big thanks to George and Judy Weldon for this oppurtunity, Im blessed to have them as friends. "Great horses give good riders a chance to become great horsemen" Sharon Camarillo . THANKS FAME !~!

On top of that my husband has received a job offer in TEXAS, so he has flew out once and we will be flying down over and back tomorrow, we will know this weekend what the next few days will be like . Im so excited and SO nervous all the same , this is the reason for the BLOG !~! Gotta stay in touch with my homies!~ Thank goodness fair week is over , I put on the Summit County Barrel Bash and we had 100 entries. And I also packed the flags in the rodeo and parade , and this Friday I will be once again competing in the XBA barrel race . WELCOME to my crazy horse full filled life. At this event I will be riding Tomeroy and my new addition which we purchased this last Sunday Diesel .

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


At the cabin we always have a nice time I forget how Georgeous it is up there , we went with my parents and all the grandkids. We love to take THOR my doberman to the pond to swim, my nephew after about 20 minutes KICKED us out of the pond so he could finally FISH, I told him theres no way after I had took the lil boat out and swam Thor he'd catch a fish , he still kicked me out , As soon as my LOUD mouth left he caught a HUGE one . LOUD MOUTH AUNT BLEE thats me !~!~