Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OK so I'm horrible at this however its my new goal to keep on this for all my friends who call me a slacker !~! We are officially back home ! Good old Henefer Utah !~Jimmy is back building power lines and I'm back doing Physical Therapy Aiding !~ WE are very happy to be back with are family and friends and do miss the friends we made a long the way ! I'm barrel racing still and I have four of the most enjoyable horses I could ever own !~ I still have Harley, and we made POPCORN a official padgett this year , I still own Blue Duck and Blades !~ We are up to four dogs now with the new addition Brutus !~! We still have Motor Boat and Nifty is at Henefer as well !~ I promise I will try harder and stay tuned for new updates !~!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


WORLD came and went like a flash !~ Padgett Racing took home first place in there Divison !~ Ended the year with a bang and SOUND horses which is the best award we could get !~ SO proud of Jimmy and his hard work paid him off, THIS was cold winter in Vernal and LONG winter at that !~ Where hoping the winter is over however we WOKE UP TO SNOW on EASTER, granted it was a skiff NOTHING like COALVILLE was getting BUT still was the fact SNOW ON EASTER !~! Time to start barrel ponys have a clinic in two weeks !~!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello everyone !~ Back from State and Padgett Racing took 2nd !~It was a great weekend with family Friends and HORSES !~ Best type of weekend for Jimmy and I !~ We had tons of family and Friends support him and it was so nice and we are so grateful :) we took 2nd place BY are second horses nose :) DANG !~ O well next is world which is held the end of March SO goodbye February and hello MARCH now come on SPRING :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

WOW sorry :)

Its been forever since I posted however I will start better seems every time we move takes me a little longer to settle and we have been so busy since we got back to Utah !~! Last summer I barrel raced a lot and was finding are nitch out her in Vernal . We try to get to see our family as much as we can !~I sold Diesel , was pretty bummed but had to look forward !~ Cody Hyde sent me a cute lil horse for the Summer to ride and with him(popcorn) and Harley and Blade and Blue Duck I had a fun season !~ SO good to be around my friends racing again !~ I sure missed Fame a lot this last year it had been one year on July 24 , sure miss you big guy :( We didn't have time to go on any vacations so summer easy to sum up !~Fall went by super fast as well !~ I packed flags for Summit County Rodeo again this year had super fun and had a lot of friends this year I love doing something with all them besides barrels it makes for fun practices :) George and Judy Weldon took us to LA to the horse sale and horse races !~! DROOL what gorgeous animals and WONDERFUL weather !~ We are blessed to be able to experience such a wonderful experience ! They pulled chariot horses in and started getting ready for the season !~ George and Jimmy were super excited about the up coming season! Barrel racing didn't start winding down til November, however blades was re diagnosed with a hunters bump he had initial got earlier in his life was starting to bother him so he was stall bound and rest bound for 6 mths, Harley on the other hand blew a gravel out his coronet band and was due to turn out rest as well I was done to the one and only POPCORN !~! We made good runs and not so good runs love him all the same !~ Thanksgiving was great ! SO HAPPY TO BE HOME for it this year , Texas made me realize one thing which was I loved being near my family I miss them days of just being lazy and chillin with them, I use to think they were a wasted day now I miss them more than anything and what a blessing it was to be with my family and use to have no worries and be completely content . Christmas CAME and WENT wow !~~ We made it home for Christmas and had a great time , I bought Jimmy stuff for his four wheeler and up coming chariot season ect , however he always OUT DOES ME lol !~ he had me unwrap this one gift last and it was bags and boxes of popcorn me and my mom looked at each other in confusion and she said you love popcorn like me !~ JIMMY WAS DISGUSTED to say the least he said CHABLEE popcorn ??? eeeeekkkkkk POPCORN THE HORSE he so creative and adorable how he did that I'm just to blond to figure it out :) Chariot Season Jimmy favorite time in life LOL started off with a bang and then did a complete SIZZLE after the first race !~ UGH !~! After weeks of loosing, having Pritzi rest due to a infection Weldon Racing loaned Grease to Padgett Racing to finish out the year and with a few runs under there belts Sam and Grease has got us to State and to World were headed in 5th division with big smiles on are faces! Im so proud of Jimmy for sticking with it and kept going it was verydiscouraging loosing week after week ! I have had a blast ponying with Meka this year !~ WE are so grateful for great friends : ) there there with us through everything :) Are family's have helped us through many trials this year are truck broke down headed to chariot races THANK goodness we made it to wanship with the horses! Thanks to all are family and friends who have helped up !~ We have made some great friends in Vernal that are non replaceable and friends for life :) Lots to happen in next few weeks and months I will keep you posted :)