Sunday, April 4, 2010


WORLD came and went like a flash !~ Padgett Racing took home first place in there Divison !~ Ended the year with a bang and SOUND horses which is the best award we could get !~ SO proud of Jimmy and his hard work paid him off, THIS was cold winter in Vernal and LONG winter at that !~ Where hoping the winter is over however we WOKE UP TO SNOW on EASTER, granted it was a skiff NOTHING like COALVILLE was getting BUT still was the fact SNOW ON EASTER !~! Time to start barrel ponys have a clinic in two weeks !~!


Mom said...

Love your new post - It was a FUN chariot year, and thanks to you guys, a successful one! At least we got to see you @ weekend!! That was the best part!! Love, Mom

crazycranefamily said...

You both do an awesome job at State and World! Congratulations, it is always fun to win :)