Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well I have been horrible at posting !~!We have been pretty busy this year and were adjusting to Vernal life style very well . We have been barrel racing a lot , and have been having fun and loving working with the colts . Harley is doing so well and enjoys running out doors!~ JULY IS BUSY !~! If we go to everywhere we plan we will be busy til the second weekend in AUGUST !~We have been lucky and was able to go see are fathers for fathers day !~ Both are dads do so much for us and support both of us in are hobbies , we are so fortunate to have Butch and Big Jim as are dads ! Other wise we would be lost!~ On Tuesday I got a call from my sister stating Gorsuch had hurt himself , My SISTER thinks I overreact about my horses and baby's them so when she said he need help I knew it must be bad ...Jimmy and I made a mad dash to Coalville and picked him up , she was right , it was BAD.. This will be MONTHS and MONTHS of healing !~ He cut his neck and good chunk out of it and put the fence into the back of his foot !~ I just hope he heals okay and will be fine . I don't have any photos of Jimmy and I (SORRY DANICA), However Motorboat has a new Friend at the Weldon Stables and his name is LUKE , Luke is 27 years of age and has his own turn out , well Motor boat gets turned out with him now daily and they share hay and rub on each other !~ Its pretty cute how patient Luke is with him , and how happy Luke is to have a pal !~Tommrow I get to go to Coalville for CARLY DAWNS WEDDING Im so excited for her and Ill post pictures next week sometime !~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well we have been super busy since we moved back to Utah !~ Were always on the go , and have been to many barrel races and horse races!~ We both love are jobs and are very fortunate to have nice ones at a time like this !~ Its been so nice to see all of are Family and Friends so often now . Last weekend we went to Evanston Wyoming for a rodeo Friday night , Harley was a bad boy tied to the trailer however when I got on him he handled everything like a champ ...That night we loaded up and headed for Rock Springs Wyoming for a barrel race that took place both days Saturday and Sunday !~ . Meka and Clint Brown came up to Rock Springs and we always have such a fun adventure with them .. Shelia Reynolds and Harlee her daughter, and Angie Freeland and kids, we all followed each other and it was so fun getting to know them more and hanging out with them all weekend .. WE have meet wonderful people out here and its been great !~! Lindsay was also at the Rodeo and the jackpot it was nice to hang out with her and get to chill with my old hauling partner !~ Big Jim and Louise came it was SUCH a surprise to have them there !~ I was happy to have there support and it meant a lot ! We saw so many friends this weekend it was just nice to be back and we have truly missed you all !~