Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hello everyone I am such a slacker but we have been NON STOP since we moved back to Utah !~ SO far we love it here in Vernal !~ Its a great lil town and were super busy and it has lots of opportunity's since we moved back !~ There's barrel races here twice a week so I can run all the time which has been nice !~ I went and competed in Panguitch and Salinas XBA the last two weekends !~ After battling a sore back with Diesel I think we have finally got on top of it !~ Harley is running strong and even though we did not come home with any money this last weekend he took 2nd in the 3d average !~ Last weekend we loaded up ANOTHER horse I KNOW I KNOW many of you WILL think I'm NUTS !~ WELL I AM !~ His name is BLADES and hes a Mr Fancy Fame (Fames full brother) out of SS SHOWBOATS sister !~ I fell in love with him and so must have Jimmy!~ We purchased Blades from Kim Barton a friend , which I purchased Harley from .THANKS AGAIN KIM !~ Jimmy and I have been popping TIRES left and right !~ Its become funny to us when the pop !~ Last week we had three !~! Her es some photos and Ill get more of BLADES !~


~Diston's~ said...

YES YES More pics of Blades!

Mom said...

Yes, you are both CRAZY girl, but life is great and you only go around ONCE so enjoy it all you can!!!
Love you.